Biography of Amir Hossein Safdarzadeh Haghighi

1980: Biography of Amirhossein Safdarzadeh Haghighi

Amir Hossein Safdarzadeh Haghighi, the second child of master Feizullah Khan, was born on June 16, 1980 in Esfahan. From childhood, under the influence of his father’s teachings, he became interested in miniature art and design and studied this field of art. As a teenager in line with his childhood teaching, he worked on miniature painting on ivory, nature drawing and figure drawing and because of his passion for European classical music started playing the piano.

1999: University Education

Amir Hossein was admitted to the field of industrial engineering at the age of 19 and graduated at the age of 24 and then he continued his education in the field of MBA.

He went to England at the age of 25 and continued his university education in Art & Design at KENSINGTON & CHELSEA (KCC) College in London and succeeded in getting his art diploma from this college and with the support of the college participated in group exhibitions of stamp design in England In 2007.

During his residence in England, he studied about the performance of various museums, such as the Victoria and Albert Museum, and researched about artists such as the famous painter and controversial contemporary artist Lucien Michael Freud and various art styles around the world, such as the Bauhaus.

After returning to Iran from England in 2007, he benefited from his teachings in order to use modern expression in the design industry and worked in various fields such as carpet design and industrial design.

2018: Hoze Aseman Collection Design

In order to continue his activities, he designed a collection called “Hoze Aseman (pool of the Sky)” which was taken from the artistic style of his father, Master Feizullah Khan Haghighi. The first work of this collection was selected to compete in the top carpet competition section of the Tehran Carpet Museum, judged by artists Razi Miri, Touraj Jouleh, Abolfazl Rajabian and Reza Allahdad in January 2019. This work was published in the book “Handmade Carpet of Unknown Identity” written by Shirin Surasrafil and the magazine of the “Third National Top Carpet Festival” and a certificate of appreciation was awarded to the designer of this carpet by the Chairman of the National Carpet Center.

2018: Carpet pattern design inspired by one of the paintings of Master Aliakbar Sadeghi

Amirhossein by choosing one of the paintings of a contemporary artist; Aliakbar Sadeghi and the precise contexture of a part of this painting were able to present new designs in the field of carpet weaving with themes such as love, the tree of life and Leily and Majnoon (a story like Romeo & Juliet) in 2017.

2018: Designing “Molke Del” carpet

Amir Hossein Haghighi, in addition to the above-mentioned works, designed the “Malek Del” carpet design inspired by Iranian textiles In 2018. The weaving of this carpet, which is in the form of one of the traditional clothes of Iran, was completed in 2020. In the ” Works Introduction ” section, detailed explanations about this carpet are presented.

2018: Nour carpet Design

Amirhossein Haghighi also designed the “Nour” carpet in 2018. “Noor” carpet is fully introduced in the “works introduction” section.

Amirhossein Haghighi, like his brothers, considers himself the extender of the path of his father and grandfather and tries to take the glorious art of Iranian carpet weaving to a higher position in the world and international arenas with progressive thinking and using modern design methods To fulfill its cultural and artistic mission towards cultural Iran appropriately.