Biography of Alireza Safdarzadeh Haghighi


Alireza Safdarzadeh Haghighi was born 30th August 1982 in the city of the turquoise domes, Isfahan. The youngest son of Master Feizollah Khan Safdarzadeh Haghighi.

Alireza studied Computer design at university however his father had been impressed by his talent in drawing after seeing some of his work.  It was under his father’s shadow that he entered the field of production and design of Isfahan handmade carpets. Together with master Jafar Gholi Fadakar, Alireza produced his first rug at the age of seventeen, which was the last drawing drawn by the great master Rostam Shirazi.

In this work, under the supervision of his father, the talent of the young artist rippled throughout.

Alireza, in addition to learning the basics of design, did not neglect the importance of colour and dyeing. Under the watchful eye of his late father has learnt this skill and created his own colours. Alireza is at the forefront of his career and has developed and matured as his father would have admired.  His praiseworthy efforts in preserving and elevating the works of great masters such as Issa Bahadori and Rostam Shirazi have progressed to such an extent that today he is considered a master of style in this sublime and original art.

Alireza certified his love for this art like  his father and uncles before him by giving a masterpiece called “Golestan Eshgh” to the holy shrine of Hazrat Ali ibn Musa al-Reza.