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Master Norouz Hafizi Painter
Friday, January 18, 2019 َAbout Us

Haghighi Carpet has been established as one of the most renowned names in the carpet industry in Esfahan from 100 years ago by Master Mehdi Khan Safdarzadeh Haghighi and his art has been continued by his sons and grandsons.
Haghighi carpets have adorned and decorated many palaces and museums around the world.  The use of high quality materials, design and colour certifies that the value of these carpets grows with age.
Our endeavor and commitment is the production of authentic and high quality carpets based on updated designs and colours.
For the production of excellent hand woven and the most precious carpets, Haghighi carpets has each year won many national and international awards. 


Master Faizullah Safdarzadeh Haghighi
was born in an artistic family. After finishing elementary school, under the supervision of his respected father, he became familiar with the basic technical aspects of carpet making. After finishing elementary school, because of his artistic talent, he entered the Isfahan Technical School of Art.

  He started his training and education under the supervision of Master Rustam Shirazi and Master Isa Bahaduri who were the teachers of Miniature Illumination and Carpet Design. After finishing the general period of technical school, he went to the miniature section of the technical school. After graduation he was hired by the Isfahan Cultural Heritage Organization. 

During all stages of his education he was busy with the production of artistic carpets. In 1971 he transferred to the Technical Art School.

At that time, heads of states were visiting Iran and practically every one of them was amazed with the beauty of these carpets. He wove the portraits of each and every one of them according to their requests. Gradually all innovative carpets designed in Isfahan were woven by him.

He has been actively involved in weaving traditional carpets along with the great Iranian designers of carpets such as Master Rustam Shirazi, well-known in Iranian miniature, and Master Nurooz Hafizi.
With years and years of benefiting from his father's experience and over thirty-five years of actual weaving many carpets, all master piece, he has contributed significantly to the enrich culture of Iran and the Iranian hand-woven carpet industry. He has woven practically all kinds of carpets with every design imaginable.


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